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Build Your Home

Building a home requires a lot of hard work... All you have to do is enjoy your new home.

Home Site

Pre-Construction Planning

A successful project always begins with careful pre-planning, and in this case, planning requires a thorough understanding of your site.  Let's take a closer look at what goes on before we can begin building your home.  Click on the sections above for a complete description of each step of the process.

Surveys & Zoning Requirements

Survey & zoningA lot survey with bearings and distances is essential.  It enables us to identify the lot and determine the actual area.  Surveys are the starting point for every homebuilding process.  A topographical survey shows us the existing grades on your property.  This information helps us determine the scope of the site work that will be required once the plot plan and proposed grading plan are completed.  Once the exact size of the lot is measured, we then investigate all site zoning requirements, which include allowable lot coverage, setbacks and building height requirements.  We use this information to determine what size home can be built on your home site.

Soil Engineering / Investigation

Prior to designing the foundation of any home, the type of soils that lie below the surface should be investigated to determine the structural suitability of the soil conditions for building purposes.  A geotechnical engineer can determine the bearing capacity of the soil so that the foundation can be properly designed.

Selecting a Home Design

Now the fun begins!  It's time to decide what your new home will look like.  You'll browse through a wide variety of dream home designs and select the one that's best for your family.  Our team will help you customize your home to meet all of your needs.  Need an extra bedroom?  A finished basement?  A bright and airy sunroom?  The possibilities are endless, and you'll love the experience of designing your brand new dream home!

Well / Septic Designs

If municipal water/sewer is NOT available, a well and septic design will be required.  These designs must be approved by the local Board of Health and Municipal Engineer.

Grading & Plot Plans

Next, we conduct a survey of the property to determine the actual location of your home, proposed finish grades, location of well and septic (if applicable), driveway, sidewalk, deck layout, etc.  This information helps us create an accurate site cost estimate.  At this point, utility companies are contacted to plan the location of underground and/or overhead utilities to your new home (i.e. gas, electric, water/sewer, telephone, cable, etc.).

Municipal Approvals

Finally, we take all of the information collected in the previous steps and submit the entire package to the municipality to determine if the proposed home and site work meet local zoning criteria.  The municipality will make certain that the home is in compliance with all local zoning regulations and that no additional approvals or variances are needed to obtain building permits.

Start your dream home today.






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