Can you build on my personal lot?

Yes, we can build on your lot or ours. We review any of your lot builds on a case-by-case basis. There are many factors that help determine if it would be a suitable build for Timberland. Some of the factors are: lot location and conditions, Floor Plan desired, amenities and price, and our overall work volume and number of presale contracts for customers already on the schedule.

In addition, our on-your-lot build does take a longer time period to complete, and Timberland will determine if a construction-to-permanent loan would be required.  Sometimes a construction perm is not required. Call our office at (850) 626-6536 for more info.


Do I have to own the lot I want to build on?

It helps, but no. We can purchase the lot of your dreams. We are your construction loan solution in many cases.


Do you help with Closing Costs?

Yes, we pay a portion of the closing costs.


Is Timberland a local company or Big Builder Chain?

Timberland is a locally owned Builder with strong ties to the North West Florida community. We are not going anywhere and have an excellent reputation for warranty repairs if needed after the sale.


Has Timberland been in business long?

Yes, Timberland has been in Business selling & building homes since 1992. The owners and employee have years of experience within the industry.


Is Timberland a member of the Home Builders Association (HBA)?

Yes, Timberland is a member of the HBA and has participated in many HBA sponsored Parade of Homes and has won 5 Outstanding Home Awards. In addition, members of the staff serve as one of the board members and in committee involvement.


Can I make changes to the floor plan?

Yes, we want to make it your dream home.


Are you Licensed?

Yes, we are licensed general contractors, License Number: RG0066662.


Do you Guarantee your Work?

Yes, we put it in writing.


Do you pull all Required Building Permits?

Yes, we do.


Does Timberland offer a Builders Warranty?

Yes, Timberland offers a one year Builders Warranty and a ten year Bonded Builders Warranty.

Please call our office at (850) 626-6536 if you have any other questions or concerns.