Q:  Can you build on my personal lot?
A:  Yes, we can build on your lot or ours. 

Q:  Do I have to own the lot I want to build on? 
A:  No, we can purchase the lot of your dreams.  We are your construction loan solution. 

Q:  Do you include land in your purchase price.
A:  Yes, our land is included in the purchase price. 

Q:  Do you help with Closing Costs?
A:  Yes, we pay for most of the closing costs. 

Q:  Is Timberland a local company or Big Builder Chain? 
A:  Timberland is a locally owned LLC. with strong ties to the North West Florida community.  We are not going anywhere and will be here long after the sale. 

Q:  Has Timberland been in Business long?
A:  Yes, Timberland has been in Business selling & building homes since 1992. 

Q:  Is Timberland a member of the Home Builders Association (HBA)?
A:  Yes, Timberland is a member of the HBA and has participated in several HBA sponsored Parade of Homes. 

Q:  Can I make changes to the floor plan? 
A:  Yes, we want to make it your dream home. 

Q:  Are you Licensed? 
A:  Yes, we are licensed general contractors, License Number: RG0066662.

Q:  Do you Guarantee your Work? 
A:  Yes, we put it in writing.

Q:  Will you provide me with Written Lien Waivers? 
A:  Yes, wherever applicable.

Q:  Do you pull all Required Building Permits? 
A:  Yes, we handle the tedious, yet satisfying paper work for you.

Q:  Does Timberland offer a Builders Warranty? 
A:  Yes, Timberland offers a one year Builders Warranty and a ten year Bonded Builders Warranty.