"Our Home Sweet Home! All I can say about Timberland Contractors team is that they are amazing!!! My husband and I had done a lot of trial and error when it came to building a home and did a lot of shopping as well. We spoke with a lot of contractors and saw a lot more homes. Then, we walked into my first Timberland model home, (which is the style and design that we chose for our own home), I never grasped the feeling of home.

From the moment we walked into that Model home our hearts were set and our minds were made up that Timberland Contractors were the builders for us. They were welcoming and made us feel like this was going to be the first and last house we would ever live in.

My husband and I picked out everything in the house, ceiling to floor and Timberland helped us to achieve our dream. You hear all these scary stories about how building a home can challenge your marriage. I know I have an excellent husband, but I am sure that having an excellent contractor helped too! Timberland dealt with my crazy panicked moments of insecurities, managed a great crew and kept us on target with our time.

They poured concrete on March 26th and we closed on our DREAM home on June 24th. Timberland builders have created a place for our family to grow, our kids to grow up, our grandkids to come and visit and memories to flourish. They have touched our lives and for that we are grateful!"

– The Fountains

"On June 1st, I contacted Timberland Contractors who referred me to their warranty page to make a warranty complaint on window latches.  This person I contacted on the phone said I would be contacted very soon by the person that would handle this problem.  I no sooner sent this request and my phone rang with the answer to fix my windows.  By the end of the day, the problem was fixed.

Thank you and a job well done doesn't seem to cover how well this was handled, especially when a lot of businesses want to say well the warranty is out or do you have a receipt for that to just brush you off!"

– Charles Brewer